Pharma Packaging

DATA offers two main product lines of electro-optical heads for the manufacturers and integrators of production and packaging machines (OEM):
  • Counting heads: While other industries may allow for imprecise counts, the quality and quantity requirements for the packaging of medicinal tables are stringent and regulated. For this reason, DATA has developed precise counting heads that can process 3,000-8,000 tablets per minute in one channel (speed depends on size and shape of tablet). The counting heads reach an accuracy rate of 99.9%. This speed - at least five times faster than competitive products - enables high performance and significant reduction of size and cost of equipment.  

  • Inspection heads: Present inspection devices and methods are limited in their ability to fully detect tablets that deviate from specifications. DATA has developed a technological break-through that will enable this product line to detect foreign or prohibited objects such as mixed or damaged tables, foreign objects (for example, screws, etc.). DATA expects to complete development in the near future. 
At this stage, DATA offers three existing models which are Ideal for the Pharmaceutical industry:

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